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Cancer Who Owners Al & Marjani Harris

Our Approach

CANCER WHO helps not only patients but families as well. Attending Chemo, Radiation, Doctor’s appointments, house visits, weekly and monthly events. We both personally know how it feels to watch a family member go through cancer. We are here to help! Our mission is to let all of our patients and families know that they are not in this fight ALONE! Once you become a part of the Cancer WHO Family you will always be apart of us. No matter the color of your skin, ethnicity or religion. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and no one is exempt from this disease. We welcome everyone with an open heart and open arms.

Our Story

In 2013 AL and Marjani Harris founded the 501(c)3 Non profit organization called Team OverTime and CANCER Who? Al’s older cousin went through stage 4 breast cancer, Al’s younger cousin having brain cancer, and Marjani step father going through colon cancer all around the same time. After these events occurred it took a toll on our their family, mentally and physically. Unfortunately Marjani’s step father passed away. 

“We want to make sure that no one with cancer or their family members feel alone. We know the feeling all too well and we realized there was no support of this kind for patients and their families. We will walk hand in hand with our families while creating a safe space to beat cancer.” 

Al Harris

In September of 2016 Al quit his job to dedicate most of his time to CANCER Who and support other families. 

Our organization has supported over 100 people with cancer since 2016. We saw a problem within the cancer community. Which was that people with cancer did not have too many places where they could be comfortable. So we wanted to create a accessible center where people with cancer can come workout, talk, educate themselves and family members, host cancer free events, seminars, insurance information, and other monthly events All for FREE. Our organization want people with cancer to have a “Home of Comfortably”, kids and adults. We want to run free daily programs and weekly seminars.